Spectrum-compatible computers «Byte»,«Byte-01» and other rarities

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This site is dedicated to the Spectrum-compatible computers, "Byte", "Byte 01" rarity, and other computers and peripherals, with whom I had to deal with. Do not confuse this machine with the same computer "byte", which was produced at the plant "Dniester" in the city of Bender in Moldova.

I spent my childhood in the late 80s and 90s, when the family computer ZX-Spectrum were widespread, especially among teenagers. Game consoles such as "NES," then were not very popular, so parents of my friends bought the game for the "Bytes", "Leningrad", "Baltic" and the other clones ZX-Spectrum. Most common were "Bytes." There were several reasons - they were made in Brest town in large quantities (I live in Belarus, so Brest BEMZ plant can be considered as local major producer of Spectrum) had a good design and description, sold almost all Radio Shack in regional centers, easily connected to any television.

Computer Byte

The computer "byte" was so popular that even wrote about it on the walls:

How many games were replayed... The first tape, then floppy, the first program in BASIC, at the assembler...

Then I grew up, but interest in the Spectrum was not lost. Passed through my hands a lot Spectrum and "Bytes" as well. Some were repaired, while others went to the parts to repair other computers. Over time, accumulated some material on "byte", which I decided to share.

I would be glad if the information from this site will help you learn something new, modify, restore or repair your "byte" or any other computer.

The whole site has not yet been translated into English. Therefore, from this page you can go to a limited number of pages.

I'm not very good at English, so the site may contain errors in writing the text.

Latest news:

SID-Blaster/ZX - emulation of the VIC chip is made.

It starts with the publication of materials on the sound card for the ZX-Spectrum, which is called SID-Blaster/ZX.